Your School is Remarkable - Is Your Digital Media Strategy ?

We are living through a revolution in the way people communicate. The way your school connects and engages with parents, pupils and staff has fundementaly changed over the past 5 years. How is your school embracing this change ? Are you proud of your school website ? Is it a useful tool for sharing information, helping parents and encouraging regular engagement or an out of date brochure ? Is it optimised for use on mobile and tablet ? Remarkable things happen every day in your school but how do you share your unique story ? How do you raise awareness of your school through remarkable content and increase your reach across social media ? Our passion is in helping you to achieve all of this and more, through planning, executing and optimising a measurable digital strategy on web, social media and mobile.

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Why Digital4Education ?

Every school we meet has a unique story to tell and our passion is in helping you to tell your story on your website, social media and mobile. Our unique approach is very much "strategy before tactics" and we ensure success by working alongside you and your team in four key areas:

  1. Planning - Developing a detailed measurable "digital strategy", designed to build reach, connection and engagement between your school and the local community, parents, pupils and staff.

  2. Implementation - Identifying and executing each "tactic" within that strategy, including the development of your school website into an engaging "hub" of information, the creation of daily content to effectively tell the story of the hard work of your pupils and staff, regular posting and sharing of that content across social media and the growth of your audience and reach.

  3. Optimisation - Measuring the results of these tactics monthly against metrics and targets set in the strategy ensures that success is a non-negotiable.

  4. Support - The one area, which schools tell us, sets D4E apart in the Education sector, is the level of "hands on" support we give to all of the schools we work with each month. We hold regular review and strategy meetings with the SLT. We ensure compliance with Ofsted and DFE guidelines. We work closely with staff on the content strategy, including setting up and managing your "social squad" and sharing content ideas to ensure a constant stream of remarkable content.
Remember that our focus is on helping your school to embrace technology and the use of digital media to effectively connect and engage with your parents, pupils and staff.

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The Perfect School Website - Beautifully Designed, Mobile Optimised & Engaging

Your school website should be the living breathing "hub" of your school community. An easy to use source of information, education and entertainment for your staff, parents and pupils.

A website you can be proud of but also one which will save money by integrating a "digital newsletter" to email out or share with parents across social media. Share events and diary dates. Share news, stories and updates via blog posts from the headteacher, a sports blog, values and trends in the school. Drive competition and aspiration by sharing house points updates. Inspire by highlighting "stars of the week". The ideas we have implemented for schools through their websites are endless and limited only by your imagination.

We offer a full range from affordable template design from as little as £995 through to a bespoke theme design exclusive to your school or academy trust. All of our websites are built on the wordpress platform, ensuring you have a school blog, mobile optimised and stability wether you choose an affordable template design to get you started or would like a unique bespoke design for your school. The biggest advantage of wordpress is ease of use and how easy it is for your staff to add to and edit your website.

We ensure that every school website we design and develop is modern, fast, safe, secure and fully compliant with DFE / Ofsted guidelines.

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Social Media - Driving Engagement & Reach For Your School

In our work with schools, it never ceases to amaze us just how many stories happen on a daily basis throughout a school. These opportunities are there to tell the world how remarkable your school is, how hard the staff and pupils work, how supportive the majority of parents are and what a positive effect the school has on so many lives throughout a day. Yet schools seem reluctant to share these amazing stories on the platfroms that are used by their parents, staff and pupils - social media.

Get involved in the conversation ! Connect and engage with your parents on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share videos on your school YouTube channel. Drive Ofsted Parentview reviews through social media. Share your blog posts and school events on social. Share E-Safety Videos and encourage pupils to discuss these topics. Involve your pupils in commenting on events in the news and get the school involved in social trends. Over the past 24 months we have seen schools using social media in a positive way to extend there reach with posts being seen by 15000 people at a time, a massive reach for the small primary school who posted a #MannequinChallenge video video on Facebook.

We love helping schools embrace social media, setting up a "social squad" empowering teachers from every year group to post on the school social media channels, encouraging Head Teachers to write an inspiring blog post every couple of weeks and the sports teacher to blog about sporting achievement. Even answering parents questions and thanking poeple for mentioning the school in their posts, complementing other schools in the area on their good work.

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The Secret To Creating Remarkable Content

Schools are blessed with remarkable events and moments to share every day - are you using content to showcase your school ?

We believe that nothing captures the story of school life better than written, image and video content. The secret is in developing an effective content strategy which shares acedemic success, school events and stories in an interesting and engaging mix. Think of how many things happen throughout your school on a daily basis such as random acts of kindness, academic break throughs, school events, sports events, external guests, school trips and residential courses schools can also comment on news events, get involed in trends and produce e-safety videos / animations.

Technology allows smartphones to capture high definition images, record video and share graphics. Blogs allow the creation of interesting written content and the sharing of opinions and stories.

Digital allows you to share what students and teachers achieve within your community on a daily basis and allows everyone to see just how wonderful your school is. We’ll also help you setup a social media policy for your school through our e-safety training.

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The Benefits of D4E

  • for Headteachers
  • Tell the story of your school and its pupils
  • Raise the profile of your school in the local community
  • Improve engagement between staff
  • students and parents
  • Meet DfE website requirements
  • Fulfill OFSTED Web Criteria
  • Key Documentation all in One Place
  • for Admins
  • Updating your website is a breeze
  • Unlimited Technical Support from our Team
  • Update your site on the go from any device
  • All out sites are build with the user in mind
  • for Parents & Pupuls
  • Easier communication channels
  • Regular school updates
  • Experience a snapshot into School life

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