Why choose Digital4Education ?

A Passion For Helping You Tell Your School's Unique Story

We understand that awareness is the key to a popular school and how many pupils it has. If every parent knew just how remarkable your school really was, would they want their child to go there ?

Every school we meet has a unique story to tell and our passion is in helping you to tell that story on your website, social media and mobile. Our unique approach is very much "strategy before tactics" and we ensure success by working alongside you and your team in four key areas:

1. Planning - Developing a detailed measurable "digital strategy", designed to build reach, connection and engagement between your school and the local community, parents, pupils and staff.

2. Implementation - Identifying and executing each "tactic" within that strategy, including the development of your school website into an engaging "hub" of information, the creation of daily content to effectively tell the story of the hard work of your pupils and staff, regular posting and sharing of that content across social media and the growth of your audience and reach.

3. Optimisation - Measuring the results of these tactics monthly against metrics and targets set in the strategy ensures that success is a non-negotiable.

4. Support - The one area, which schools tell us, sets D4E apart in the Education sector, is the level of "hands on" support we give to all of the schools we work with each month. We hold regular review and strategy meetings with the SLT. We ensure compliance with Ofsted and DFE guidelines. We work closely with staff on the content strategy, including setting up and managing your "social squad" and sharing content ideas to ensure a constant stream of remarkable content.

Remember that our focus is on helping your school to embrace technology and the use of digital media to effectively connect and engage with your parents, pupils and staff.

Planning Strategy | Driving Tactics | Getting Results.

We work with you to develop a measurable digital strategy, we will then help you implement and optimise that strategy to ensure you see the results you want. Finallly we will support you to ensure that you achieve on going success from digital and build a future-proof digital system.

Our strategy will guide you through your overall approach to digital including website development, how social media is used to improve communication and how it all comes together to improve your schools communication to it’s parents, teachers and parents. Complete with an audit on your current use of digital including compliance, security and other regulations and advisory.

Discover D4E

Meet The Team Responsible For Driving Your Results

As part of Digital Media Edge Ltd. Our team has a wealth of experience in driving results from digital and social media. We are a team of dedicated digital professionals who are commited to helping your school connect and engage with parents, staff and pupils like never before, using digital and social media. Our backgrounds range from digital marketing to video production and copy writing. All of us know education and have worked within the sector, that’s why you can be sure we’re here to help your school.

Here's the team that makes Digital4Education the perfect solution for any school.

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