Social Media For Schools

Engage & Connect On Social Media

Adopting social media can have massive benefits for schools and a quick look at the demographics of parents demonstrates why the modern school needs to develop a social media strategy to communicate with their parents on the platforms they are using on a daily basis - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and through video content on YouTube.

Although a lot of schools feel that social media is just a channel for angry parents to vent their concerns. In reality that does not happen and the fact the school is actively involved in the conversation across social media is viewed as a positive. Our experience has been that parents are pleased to see an active engagement online as it allows them to keep involved despite their busy lives keeping them apart from their children.

Time is the other concern that schools have, but again, in practice teachers actually find it very easy to share stories via their tablets or smartphones and with the correct training, it is enjoyable and educates pupils on E-Safety in a practical manner.

Extending The Reach Of Your School

The true power of social media is the social reach and "viral" effect of liking, commenting and sharing posts.

Every parent wants to see their children happy, learning and being engaged with school, so let’s make the most of this by producing creative social media content. Content that parents will be happy to share with their family and friends, which will drive more and more reach for the school. We have seen schools share posts on Facebook and achieve a reach of 15000 people seeing their post, from this viral effect of sharing.

It is time to put away your fear and adopt social media to extend the reach of your school.