School Website Design & Development

Is Your School Website A Living Breathing "Hub" For Your Community ?

Your school website should be the living breathing "hub" of your school community. An easy to use source of information, education and entertainment for your staff, parents and pupils.

A website you can be proud of but also one which will save money by integrating a "digital newsletter" to email out or share with parents across social media. Share events and diary dates. Share news, stories and updates via blog posts from the headteacher, a sports blog, values and trends in the school. Drive competition and aspiration by sharing house points updates. Inspire by highlighting "stars of the week". The ideas we have implemented for schools through their websites are endless and limited only by your imagination.

We believe in giving you the choice and not forcing you to use our content management system. We offer a full range from affordable template design, tailored to your school through to bespoke theme design unique to your school. All of our websites are built on the WordPress platform, ensuring you have a school blog, mobile optimised and stability wether you choose an affordable template design to get you started or would like a unique bespoke design for your school. The biggest advantage of WordPress is ease of use and how easy it is for your staff to add to and edit your website.

We ensure that every school website we design and develop is modern, fast, safe, secure and fully compliant with DFE / Ofsted guidelines.

Beautiful School Websites - By Design

Is your website cluttered, hard to manage and increasingly bloated due to DfE / Ofsted regulations and the quantity of information you need to display ?

Our web development team has years of experience behind them and the main challenge they face with any school website is making the navigation as intuitive as possible due to the sheer quantity of information that needs to be accessible. We have worked hard to ensure this is never be an excuse for sacrificing looks, speed and security.

We offer schools affordable template packages from as little as £995 to get them started quickly or can code and design a fully bespoke website exclusively for the school, dependent on time scale and budget. All our themes are customisable, scaleable and future proof.

Over 80% of your school website traffic will come from mobile devices, so we ensure that your school website will look great and be easy to navigate on smartphone, tablet and desktop.

Your website is the shop window to your school and often the first impression you give to prospective new parents, so let's make it a great one!

Wordpress - Simply The Best Content Management System

We use the fantastic WordPress platform as a foundation for all our school websites, it is stable, safe, secure, easy to manage and has the user base to support any issue or query.

But that's not enough for us. It's our personal mission to make your site as simple and straight forward as possible. So we make our own alterations and optimisations to the platform to fulfill this goal, as well as to increase the security of your site.

Technical Support From The Best In The Industry

We develop our websites with a lifetime guarantee. What this means is that even though we've delivered your site and we may have parted ways, we're always happy to help if you have any issues or queries about the product we've built for you.